Build your REAL Broker Revenue Share with a personalized recruiting site

With custom-printed scannable business cards
Agents can earn up to $4,000 in REAL Broker revenue share per agent they recruit
REAL Broker Revenue Share Site
REAL Broker Recruiting Site for Revenue Share
Your custom recruiting site
is an appointment setting machine
REAL Brokerage Revenue Share Recruiting Card Front

Supercharge your REAL Broker Revenue Share

Level up with a dynamic, personalized website and scannable business cards
REAL Brokerage Revenue Share Site

Powerful Recruiting Site

Supercharge your REAL Broker revenue share with a dynamic recruiting site. Emphasize the benefits of joining REAL with your personal branding.
REAL Brokerage Revenue Share Recruiting Cards

Scannable Business Cards

Boost your REAL brokerage revenue share with captivating business cards. Highlight REAL's benefits and guide agents to your recruitment website using an eye-catching QR code.
Real Brokerage Revenue Share Opportunity

Agents can earn up to $4,000 per agent they recruit as part of the REAL Broker revenue sharing program

Recruiting just 5 agents to join could net you $20,000 in REAL broker revenue share.
Max Per
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tiers are income from recruiting agents who in return recruit others, forming a network with increased rewards.

Let's cover the 5 main sections of your personalized REAL recruiting site

Section 1

Engage with a strong call-to-action & informative video

Section 2

Explain REAL's commission and cap structure

Section 3

Demonstrate the earnings potential for the 5 tiers of REAL Broker revenue share

Section 4

Highlight the industry-leading technologies provided to REAL Brokerage agents

Section 5

Showcase testimonials from top REAL Brokerage Agents

Eye-catching Business Card Designs

Light w/ Background Image

Get Started

Dark w/ Background Image

Get Started

Minimalist Design

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Join thousands of agents maximizing their REAL Broker revenue share

Join top agents making $20k, $40k and $100k+ each year by recruiting agents and building their REAL Brokerage revenue share.
“Sharing my recruitment business cards has been working well so far and I've been receiving lots of great feedback.”
Keisha M.
“It just makes sense to have separate business cards for recruiting agents. I’ve gotten two leads from this so far and am hopeful!”
Paul M.
"Thanks to this effective solution, I've successfully attracted talented agents to join. It's a simple yet powerful tool for agent recruitment."
Toni S.
"I have been amazed by the impact of this in finding agents looking to switch brokerages. It's helped streamlined our approach and has proven to be an invaluable asset for our agent recruitment efforts."
Hannah S.
"I've finally brought my first agent on thanks to these recruitment cards. I have been here for 2 years so this is such a win for me."
Ella M.
"I feel like i've found my recruiting potential thanks to your recruitment websites and business cards."
Savanna F.
"These tools have helped me get other agents attention. It's a must have for ambitious agents!"
Ajay S.
"I've tried numerous methods to recruit agents. There's really not much out there for building your downline but this tool makes me consciously work on it each day and pass out my cards."
Linda L.
"My ability to recruit agents has transformed since using this incredible resource. I'm already pushing my third recruit!!"
Eddie B.
"Highly recommend for agents seeking a competitive edge."
Abel S.
“I’ve always thought there needed to be a tool like this for agents trying to build their downlines. This is essential for ambitious agents."
Mia T.
“It’s worth it, very easy tools to implement into your daily recruiting efforts.”
Sandra W.

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